Compounding Pharmacies

FOCUS Laboratories has a history of helping compounding pharmacies meet compliance with USP <797> or 503b guidances.  Environmental monitoring, media fill studies, finished product testing, oven and autoclave validation studies and consultation services are all applicable to compounding pharmacy operations.

FOCUS laboratories provides growth promotion support and validation for major compounding media suppliers, including QI Medical, you can see some of our COA’s here.

FOCUS Laboratories offers compounding pharmacies a turn key environmental monitoring service.  Ask us about our “EM BOX”:  a complete EM solution for the busy pharmacist.  We supply the air samplers, training, documentation, media, QC,  data loggers and shippers.  You take the samples under our tutelage, send the samples back to us for incubation, enumeration, identification and interpretation.  A cost effective solution to monthly monitoring needs.

Compounding Pharamacy Environmental Monitoring Laboratory