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Sterile compounding facilities will see a significant increase in environmental and personnel monitoring, due to the changes in USP <797> that are set to become official on November 1st, 2023.

USP <797> 11.2023 requires that an attempt be made to identify any microorganisms recovered during surface sampling excursions to the genus level with the assistance of a microbiologist.

Partner with FOCUS Labs to ensure that all your environmental samples are read by a professional microbiologist and meet all USP <797> EM requirements.  You can rest assured knowing that all incubators are mapped annually, electronically monitored 24/7, and have automatic back-up power supply.

  • Upon receiving your samples, your FOCUS Laboratories Microbiologist will:
    • Incubate each unit according to the guidelines in USP <797>.
    • Perform all media fill reads and enumeration/characterization.
    • If action levels are exceeded, FOCUS Labs will reach out to you and perform microbial identification to the Genus level.
    • Provide free quarterly and annual trending for consistent monthly clients that meet minimum sample requirements.

Upon completion of testing, your results will be loaded and stored in your online portal that is accessible to all your staff.

Our team stands ready to assist with any OOS investigations. Let us FOCUS on the microbiology, so you can FOCUS on your patients.

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